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   – For the many advantages compared to similar sites:

1Secure and Private:
       a.  Your Contact Details (login, email, etc) are not visible to other members.

     b.  Easily delete your account, messages and all information permanently.

      c.   Once you delete your account, all your data is deleted from our server Immediately.

       d.  Our Guarantee: Your personal information will never be sold to third parties.

       e.  Whatever you do on Trip-Girls.com, including Social Login/Registration will never appear on any of your other Social Media accounts.

       f.   If you decide to pay for any extra service on our site, your Credit Card details are processed through trusted third party companies such as PayPal.

2The First, Truly Invitation-Focused site:
This is not a Dating site where you will waste your time and money just to chat with a couple of people online. Girls are willing to travel as long as Men are Gentlemen.

3.  User-friendly interface

4More Features:
    a.  Web Cam and Chat Live with each other

    b.  Advanced Search with Multiselect fields

    c. Automatic Profile matching

   d.  See Members near you

   e.  Astrological Compatibility Search

    f.  Private Gallery

5Thousands of REAL members
       a.  Our members are active, online and ready to meet.

       b.  High Reply rate

6.  3-Day FREE trial
If you select one of our Paid Memberships and you are not satisfied within the first 3 days, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

7.  Best Value for Money site.
Our Paid Services are the most competitive in the market. Pay Less, Get More.

824 hour Support
Contact us with any concerns or questions that you may have.

9No Spam.

What is Trip-Girls.com?
Trip-Girls.com is the first, truly Invitation-Focused site online. Men can invite women to come visit them in their country, or travel together. The girls on Trip-girls.com are here because they want to travel. And they will answer as long the person who wants to invite them is a gentleman. Trip-girls.com is not just a dating site, where you see a girl, you like her and you try to promote yourself and all you can do is hoping that she will write back. So, you can register on a dating site hoping to chat with a couple of girls, or spend your money, energy and time by going out, or you can easily sit in front of your screen and invite and meet the girl that you would like to be with.

Who is Trip-Girls.com for?
Trip-Girls.com does not discriminate and accepts people of all sexual orientations. In fact, we are one of the few sites online where not only men, women and the LGBT are welcomed but we have allowed our member to enter their specific sexual orientation such as Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual.

Do I have to Pay on Trip-Girls.com?
Registration is Free. Women and others who just want to be invited to travel, do not have to pay at all. But some options of the site are reserved for paid members only.

What happens if i want to delete my account?
We would like to inform you that we do not use your personal data outside of this site. Deleting your account on your part or ours, causes the deletion of all your data. This also applies to messages that you have sent to other members as well as those they have sent to you.

Is Trip-Girls.com an escort site?
No. We do not promote nor condone sex tourism, prostitution or any form of illegal activity. We do not control what happens once two people meet face to face. We allow members to communicate with each other on our site and from there on, they can make their own plans. Trip-Girls.com focuses on attracting members, real regular women and men who want to travel and meet with each other for experiences. If love happens, you can send us an invitation to your wedding.

Who are members of this site?
If you are member on this site, whether you are a man or a woman, a lesbian or gay, a transsexual or a couple, you are either a host or a traveler. We strongly advise our members who want to be invited, to have their traveling documents (passport) ready and not to ask monetary assistance from a potential host. In case of being reported that a member received monetary assistance to issue a passport for traveling and didn’t use it for that reason, they will be banned from this site and their account will be blocked.

What if a member asks me to send money for buying a ticket or issuing a passport?
We strongly advise our members not to send money to a member they want to invite. They can buy their ticket and arrange accommodation for them, without sending money. We cannot control what happens between members and it’s not our goal. Our goal is for our members to have pleasant encounters.

If you have further questions please contact us.
We wish you pleasant encounters!