Tips for higher reply rate to your messages

Dear Gentlemen,

The results of a survey among random members that unsubscribe from our platform, led us to write a guidance to help you get more replies to your messages.

Having no replies to your messages is mainly because of your messages and for no other reason. The girls on this site are real and willing to travel and meet if the invitation is appropriate. Here is what the research revealed:

Common mistakes:

1. Sending a first message of the type "write me to my email", or "this is my whatsapp, write me".

Why this message is not successful? Well, think of the bee and flower analogy. The girls are like the flowers, colorful, beautiful, sweet as nectar. Does the bee tell the flower “I am here, come give me your nectar”? Have you ever seen a flower running after a bee?

Don’t expect a beautiful, classy, respectful girl to take your number from the first message and write you back. You are wasting your messages.

Tip: Initiate conversation! Make her interested! Show respect, show your interest. Ask casual questions. Only if you get replies, THEN ask for contact details.

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2. Writing from first opening message too much about yourself.

To save you from the trouble, we have in the page “Photos & Info” a lot of space to write about yourself, your hobbies, your education, your occupation and many drop-down lists to choose about Appearance, Status, Travel, Activities.

All these complete your image, how well you can present yourself like male birds do to attract the female. The first thing a girl will do when receive your message, is to open your profile. If it’s empty, no matter what the message says, the impression you make is EMPTY.

Tip: Make a well presented, rich profile. Spend some time on it! Add as many photos as possible, not just one. Complete the sections with info About you, so you don’t have to repeat every time in every message you send.

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Above all, respect the girl, and show it with interest. They can tell if you are really interested or if you are just sending messages to see who will answer. In short, here is a guidance put together from our team that if followed is guarantied to make you more successful:

1. A simple “Hi, how are you?” is not enough.

2. The message must stand out from the competition.

3. Respectful.

4. Not too long. Not too short. About 3-4 lines.

5. A bit of humor goes a long way.

6. Ask 1 or 2 meaningful questions about her.

7. Do not talk about how you are the best.

8. Say what type of girl you are looking for.

9. Do not ask about her contact details from the first message.​

We hope our tips will help you get more replies and eventually meet the girl of your dreams, because she is here, you just have to insist until you find her.
And if you find our tips useful, you can show your appreciation with a small donation, it is always welcome no matter the amount.

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